john and beth muehleisen Welcome.  We are John and Beth Muehleisen.  We are missionaries in Uganda and Kenya, East Africa with World Gospel Mission

WGM is an international, interdenominational missionary organization with about 350 missionaries and support staff serving in 23 areas of the world.

With our daughters Holly and Faith, we have lived and worked in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, since 1987 and in Kampala, Uganda since 2008.

For many years years, our main assignment was to work with Good Shepherd Africa Gospel Church in Nairobi as senior pastor.  During our years at Good Shepherd Church, we have the church grow to a church of over 1000 people with 5 worship services in 5 languages.  In addition, we have seen 7 daughter churches started in Nairobi and in Rwanda. 

Upon our return to Africa in early 2008, we move to Kampala Uganda where we our the main emphasis of our ministry is be training evangelists, missionarires, and church planting teams to start new churches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Sudan. 

The Africa Gospel Church, the Kenya based denomination that has grown out of the work of WGM, has over 1,400 churches.  

In the Uganda branch of the church there are 170 churches. Most of them are in the rural areas.  However, there is a desire to see new churches established in cities and towns. 

In addition to helping to train church planters, we also work with African missionaries who are leading ministries in east Africa's tribal areas.