Here are some great ventriloquism links on the internet:

Newsy Vents

Newsy Vents is a blog for and about ventriloquists and dummys by Clinton Detweiler.  Prior to his retirement, Clinton was the owner of Maher Studios, the premier source of ventriloquism supplies in the US.  Lazarus was purchased from Maher.

Maher Studios

For many years, Maher Studios has been one of the premier sources of ventriloquism training and supplies.

Ventriloquism Lessons

There are a lot of "how to start as a ventriloquist" sites on the net.  Steve Axtell's page is the best, in my opinion. It has a lot of explanations, plus some very good graphics that explain the proper procedure.  It is a great place to start. 

Vent Haven Museum

Vent Haven Museum in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky (across the river from Cincinatti) is "home base" for America's ventriolqists.  An annual Convention is held there each June.  Their site has an excellent set of links to other ventrioloquism sites and resources.

Axtell Expressions

Steve Axtell is an extremely creative guy.  Check out his site.  He is doing some incredible things with latex dummies with unbelievable faces.   He also has some wonderful animal dummies / puppets.  You've got to see this stuff.  You can also take some ventriloquism lessons, get some dialogue books, and buy some magic tricks there as well.

Daytona Magic

Although Daytona Magic is more a magic and trick shop, it is a great resource.   I get most of my tricks there.  Harry Allen and Irv Cook own this shop, and it is a great place.  Both are performing magicians and want to help you learn as well.  If you are in Daytona Beach, stop by the shop on Beach Street (which is actually nowhere near the beach).  You are guaranteed to have a good time there.  Or, visit their web-site at to see their on-line catalog.

The Fellowship of Christian Magicians

This organization is a network of Christians using sleight of hand, ventriloquism. illusions, puppets, and clowning to help spread the Gospel.  

Selberg Studios

If you want to see some beautiful examples of the figure maker's art, visit this website. Built in the traditional way, these figures are unique and very expressive.  And, there is a lot of good information on the site as well.

Ventriloquist Central

This an interesting site with a lot of news about ventriloquism and ventriloquist figures.  Plus, there are a large number of links to other interesting sites.

International Ventriloquists Association

Here is a network of ventriloquists around the world.  This site has some interesting articles, a lot of photos, plus a number of ventriloquism related links.

Ventriloquism 101 Course

Here is a link to the Ventriloquism 101 course website.  This course by Lee Cornell may be of interest to you, and it comes with a money back guarantee. 

Dummy Works

Dummy Works is another great source of ventriloquism supplies.   They took over the Maher Studios product line when Clinton Detweiler retired.